In January 2011, the Australian government introduced the Australian Consumer Law, replacing the Trade Practices Act 1974. This new law was supposed to protect Australian Consumers, but it doesn’t even come close.
The US have had a “lemon law” in place for over 35 years. The Australian Government still haven’t introduced a lemon law.
The Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Board (CCAAC) released a report (attached) in 2009 recommending State and Territory governments should develop a consistent approach for all existing small claims court and tribunal processes so as to give consumers a consistent and distinct pathway to access dispute resolution mechanisms for statutory consumer guarantees in all Australian jurisdictions. What has been done about this? NOTHING
It’s obvious that the government are NOT IN TOUCH with everyday Australians and the quality concerns of some motor vehicle manufacturers and importers in Australia.
I DESTROYED my LEMON JEEP because it was unreliable, had over 21 issues and I refused to on-sell my problem motor vehicle to another person.
I have created an addendum to the current Australian Consumer Law, which everyday Australian Consumers can use when purchasing a motor vehicle in Australia.

You can use this addendum until the government has adequately amended the Australian Consumer Law to include a “Lemon Law” (It’s due for review in 2016 but there’s no guarantee that the government will introduce a lemon law, even though there is so much evidence that it’s required.).