My fight for fairness has been seen around the globe.

I’m just as surprised as you are, that Fiat Chrysler Group Australia and the dealership did NOT make things right, after I gave them so many opportunities to do so.

Spurred on my many of you in the same position as me, I now understand why… if they helped me, the precedent would be set and the floodgates would open to help so many others.

I destroyed my Jeep to “make a point”, to get worldwide media coverage and to get the Australian Government to take this seriously.

Thanks to everyday Australians we have petitions full of names, begging the government to review the law.

Thanks to lobby groups Lemon Laws 4 Aus (headed up by Connie Cicchini) and Lemon Vehicles in Aus (headed up by Stewart Lette), Peter Wellington MP (Independent member for Nicklin) and Yvette D’Ath MP (Attorney General of Queensland) this has been raised in Parliament and the petitions are currently with the government.

All information on this site is presented in downloadable format, meaning you are free to use it for your coverage of this event and outcomes.

I am available for discussions, interviews and even political agendas if it helps get the importance of a Lemon Law to those in power in the Australian government.

You can contact me any time on my mobile 0412 281 900 (international +61 412 281 900) or via email [email protected]

I am based in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, but am willing to travel anywhere to help this cause.

The door is still open for Fiat Chrysler Group Australia to look after me and the many others who have come forward with major ongoing issues like myself… the question is, will they help us of their own will, or will they continue to ignore existing customers while they ram more advertising down the throats of un-informed Aussies?

The time will come when all of Australia vote with their wallets and Fiat Chrysler Group Australia will be left with no choice but to help existing customers or abandon the shores of Australia.