Time To Destruction:


Have you ever bought a new vehicle that has let you down so badly, you just don’t trust it any more?


We’ve decided, after 20 issues and nearly 4 years of relentless emails, meetings and legal costs, to give up on their little game and start a game of our own…


We are going to totally DESTROY our $49,000 Jeep Cherokee. And we are going it for 3 reasons.


1. It’s been the most unreliable car we have EVER owned (and it still has issues today!).


2. We don’t think it’s right to sell our defective car onto someone else


3. We have been approached by many of you in the same situation as us, so we hope our action will get the government to review the current Australian Consumer Law and introduce a “Lemon Law” like the one that has been in the USA since 1970, that protects consumers from defective vehicles.


Press the big RED button to join us, then click the Facebook button to get all the updates and remember, I can’t do this alone cause they’re as big as they come. But I know that together, we CAN win this one.



Ashton and Vanessa Wood

Destroy My Jeep


Want to pay with Paypal? We can receive your pledge through the button below and transfer it into Kickstarter for you, alternately for those in Australia, you can pay via direct bank transfer to: Ashton Wood, BSB: 084-261 Acct No: 18-268-7332 (remember to put your name as a reference)

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